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Provider Information

Primary Care Physicians 

Scott and White is now an Open Access HMO, which means you can go to any network provider without a referral. You may choose a network primary care physician (PCP) if you would like to designate one, but PCPs are not required by the Scott and White Health Plan.

If you designate a PCP, he or she will be the one you can call when you need medical advice, when you are sick, and when you need preventive care such as immunizations or physicals. There are four areas from which you can select a PCP:

  • Family Practice
  • Community Internal Medicine
  • Pediatrics
  • OB/GYN

Family Practice physicians treat all age groups from newborns to the elderly. They provide routine medical care, referrals to specialists, and some minor surgical procedures

Community Internal Medicine physicians treat patients 16 years of age and older and provide routine care as well as referrals to specialists.

Pediatric physicians treat children up to age 18 and provide routine care as well as referrals to specialists.

OB/GYN physicians specialize in women's health and family planning.

In selecting a PCP, consider which clinic would be most convenient to meet your own medical needs. Each person listed on your plan can select his or her own PCP. Please refer to our online provider directory for listings.

Once you designate a PCP, you can make an appointment with that PCP. If your PCP is unavailable, you can see any other physicians of the same specialty that practice within the clinic.